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Each player wins a cash prize

£10,000 CASH

Grand Prize

Only 350 Tickets

Only 350 tickets being sold

How to Play

  1. Enter your card to authorise a maximum donation of £350.
  2. Scratch your on-screen ticket to reveal your surprise donation ranging from £1 to £350.
    There is only 1 of each denomination for each of the 350 tickets. (1x £1, 1x £2, 1x £3 etc.)
  3. Every player will instantly win a cash prize £1 to £100.
  4. All tickets will be entered into the grand lottery and one lucky player will win £10,000.00 Cash Prize.

Your credit/debit card will be pre approved for a maximum donation of £350. Once you have scratched your ticket to reveal your surprise donation amount, this is the amount that will be charged to your card.



Yudi Moszkowski

20 hours ago £17548p per day for a year

About Neetzotz

We believe that every child and teenager can succeed. Even more so, each and every one - DESERVES to succeed. We guide and create long term sustainable solutions to the challenges that children and teenagers face.
Neetzotz also reaches out to key workers and parents guiding them how to guide their precious children through the challenges of adolescents via parenting workshops.
Neetzotz believes that “no one should have nowhere to turn!"

  • Tutoring - Providing academic support for students
  • Signposting - Providing guidance and facility for mental health professionals to work with teenagers and children
  • Events - Providing education and awareness events for parents and teachers
  • After-school club - Providing a safe opportunity for children to revise and relax after school hours
  • Mentoring - Providing emotional support for students
  • Staff training - Providing education for teachers and key workers through workshops

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Only 350 tickets being sold

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